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Hanukkah Drink Markers
Hanukkah Drink Markers
Hanukkah Drink Markers

Hanukkah Drink Markers

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OY to the World Hanukkah is here! Get that Gelt, eat Latsa Latkes and keep your sips straight with these festive drink markers. GlassTats are great as gifts and perfect for keeping track of Bubbi's Bubbles. Offer them at your your Hanukkah gatherings and use them at home for every one of the 8 CRAZY nights. 

This is a limited release so order yours today before they run out!

GlassTats are a fun NEW take on the old wine charm, they stick on any glass stick on any glass and dissolve under warm water or in the dishwasher.

Our Hanukkah GlassTats collection includes 12+ drink markers: 

  • Love, Light & Latkes
  • Happy Challah Days
  • Oy to the world
  • Mazel!
  • Schmooze & Booze
  • L’Chaim
  • Get that gelt!
  • 8 Crazy Nights
  • Lotsa latkes
  • Spinning
  • Matzo Ballin’
  • Let’s Get Mashugana